3 Reasons You Should Call an Emergency Plumber

Emergencies related to plumbing can happen at any time. What important is to decide whether it is actually an emergency or not. Some people try to correct plumbing errors by themselves, this formula works until the issue is minor and if it is not, they may end up creating lots of mess around without even being able to sort out the issue. That is why we created this guide to let you know whether your sewerage issue is really an emergency or not and what is the perfect time to call the emergency plumber.

As the name suggests, an emergency plumber is a person who is expert at handling any plumbing emergency no matter it is major flooding or a clogged toilet. He knows best how to tackle every major plumbing issue on urgent basis.

You may not need to be drowning in water to call it an emergency. Some plumbing issues may become the worst nightmare if not checked and corrected on time. Following are a few situations when you may need to call an emergency plumber.


People who have experienced to see a clogged or overflowing toiled knows that nothing could be nastier than this, inside a house. Once it starts to overflow, there is no way to control and you are left with the option to pick up the phone immediately and call an emergency plumber to take control of the situation. Toilets are directly linked to the sewer drain and a backed-up toilet is a clear indication that there must be some issue in the sewer system of your home which needs to be corrected immediately. Or there can be some blockage in the drain. No matter the issue is small or complicated, calling a professional to diagnose the problem is the best choice.


The most common reason behind emergencies related to water are broken water line, water leakage and water pipe burst and all these situations require a call to action as soon as possible. Let suppose you try to do it your way, chances are there that you spend a lot of time in an effort to find out which pipe is busted while many of your valuable possessions and assets are at risk of serious damage. There is no point in handling such an emergency situation all by yourself. Just call the professionals and get it fixed ASAP!


Gas leaks happen due to defective pipework and appliances. Though natural gas and liquid petroleum gas both are not dangerous if inhaled but are extremely inflammable and may lead to fire explosions. Moreover, some home appliances use carbon monoxide. It is an odourless and colourless gas but extremely poisonous for human health. Companies make it scented so that it’s easy to smell in case of leakage. When you hear a hissing sound or smell something like rotten eggs, there are chances of gas leakage in your home. Immediately turn off the stoves and gas valves and open the door and windows of the house so that the gas may not accumulate and call the emergency plumber to deal with the issue.