Get the wow factor in your bathroom

If you check out the Trend Report in the Winter Issue of the Light Home magazine you’ll see a host of ways to use exterior products, inside. One innovation was using Scyon™ Stria™ cladding in the bathroom and laundry.

There’s no problem using Stria cladding – or any other Scyon™ product for that matter – in this context as long as you make sure you don’t use it in the shower recess, and follow the waterproofing guidelines for junctions.

The other thing you’ll probably want to consider is the material that’s behind the scenes – and on the floor.

bathroom design

Correctly guarding wet areas

While picking the right design and colour for your bathroom is important, unless you pay close attention to the foundations of your bathroom – you could be throwing money down the toilet.

“If the wet areas aren’t correctly guarded, leaking water could rot and weaken timber floors, architraves and door jambs or saturate concrete slabs,” says Mimmi Freebody, a professional working as a bathroom designer from MMM Bathroom Taps and Tiles.

“This can lead to rotting and erosion throughout parts of the house.”

The bottom line is, if your bathroom isn’t properly protected it can cost up to $25,000 to fix, even for an average sized bathroom. So to avoid drawn-out hassles with leaks and rotting timber floors caused by poor bathroom flooring, you really do need to pick the best material for the job at the start.

Be secure with Secura

Scyon™ Secura™ interior flooring is is a thick and durable flooring material, with a high resistance to damage from moisture, shrinkage, swelling and cracking – saving you time and money in the long run. It’s also simple to install.

“Scyon™ interior flooring in the bathroom is a great product because it’s immune to permanent water damage, is termite proof, and won’t rot or burn,” says Steve Pisani, National Demand Manager at James Hardie.

“It gives a sense of peace of mind knowing that should any leaks occur, the Scyon™ flooring substrate won’t suffer any permanent damage,” he adds. “This could significantly reduce the time and cost to rectify a leaky bathroom.”