How to Initiate a Great Shopfitting Process

Many store owners will agree that shopfitting is one of the best investments they have ever made for their stores. This is because it helps them maximize the store’s available space when it comes to product display. It also helps attract customers into the stores depending on the design options they have settled for. This is particularly important for the kind of service or products that they are selling. Many people are visual creatures whereby when they see something, they get drawn to it and want to know more about it.

A lot of planning is involved in settling for the design to suit the shop layout and the kind of equipment to be installed. The process will require the accurate taking of measurements and designs submitted to the client for their final approval. In some instances, clients already have in mind the kind of design that they want. This will mean that the contractor has to work together with the client to bring the client’s design into reality. The different requirements for the different kinds of shops available will also have to be considered.

To guarantee a great shopfitting process, you can follow the following steps;


As a store owner, this is a decision that you have to evaluate carefully before venturing into the whole project. You have to ask yourself some questions. This will be your guide to making an informed decision. A good plan will help you budget accordingly for the project. You have to know which of your products will be highlighted and if they can refurbish existing fittings. By doing this, the project will consider all your needs, and you will end up with a fantastic look for your store.

Choosing your contractor

There are many options available, but one cannot be sure of how good they actually are. You can ask around from neighbouring businesses and get referrals on whom to settle for. Remember that you will invest both time and money into the project, and bad service is not an option.


Look for a design that is eye-catching for your business. This is something that will draw the required attention to it. You can work together with CWD design shopfitting experts to come up with something. They can also share some design ideas for you to choose from.


Before commencement, the contractor should give you a timeframe on how long the whole project will take place. This will help you plan yourself and adjust to the timeframe given. You can also compare the project period and see if it is a viable time for your business. There is high and low season for many businesses. At the end of it all, you don’t want to incur costs from the project and loss from the store simultaneously.

Measurements and Installation

When you finally choose a design, engage the shopfitters to utilize their time effectively in getting the right measurements to get ready for the installation process. Everything should be able to fit perfectly. Communication is important so that you know what is taking place at each stage, especially in instances where the project is taking place alongside normal business operations. This will ensure that you minimize the inconvenience for clients in the best way possible.

Project Management

To avoid straining yourself and dealing with all the contractors, it is always good to appoint a project manager to assist you in overseeing everything. They will be the contact person if any clarification is needed and update you on the project’s progress. CWD design shopfitting can handle everything for you and connect you with one person to be the point of contact.

You need to think like a customer and realize that most clients will go into stores that offer them convenience when it comes to product selection. They want to be able to view the different types of products easily without having to strain. CWD design shopfitting experts can provide you with excellent services and make your shop stand out from the rest. They have a clear way of doing things that makes it easy for the project to run smoothly.

If you are looking for reputable referrals, you can check out and engage them on queries that you might have. They have an extensive client base and will be able to address your needs with the utmost professionalism.