Interior Designer Products: Interior Lights and Fruit Bowl

What else do you need after a fantastic architectural design? Or How can you turn the inside of your apartment or office around with an impeccable design? There are some lucrative pendant light designs to transform or add glow to the inside of your space. However, the pleasant glow of an event gives the guests a perfect sense of humor and can appeal to their emotions. There are various lighting products for the interior of every occasion as well.

There are various designer lights to give an amazing lighting sensation. Among the many are:


In itself, it is a beauty.

Made of matte white bone china, the Orchid Cymbidium is a unique hand made intricate design encased in a glass vase. Perfect for an interior especially on a romantic evening.


Orchids are attached to a wire and twisted around the vase to create a sensational experience. The Orchid Trio comes in any color for an indoor event


Like an ancient light torch, the Cornelia Series evoke a charming, romantic and magical effect by creating a soft glow diffused through metallic glass. Base on your taste, you can decide to choose the color of the floor stand and you can even replace the bulb with any color you choose.


The Casa Mia fruit bowl is a variety of amazingly designed bowl for holding fruits. It creatively made in various unique designs and colors for home decor.

You can decide on any of these amazing products as they are all guaranteed to add glitz to your interior. Vasse has amazing, talented designers who can help you decide on the best products to choose from and also design your interior incredibly.

How To Choose The Perfect Designer Wall Lights

The right designer wall lights can complete the look and feel of your interiors. If you are planning on using designer lighting then be sure to check out wall lights. Just make sure that your wall lights are well suited to your illumination needs.

Practical solutions

Wall lights, especially designer wall lights, are very practical and at the same time they are also very decorative. If ambient lighting is all that you need then you should go with translucent lamps, which work wonderfully well in diffusing light. However, if you are looking for task lighting then it makes more sense for you to go with wall scones that create a spotlight on a desired area. There are also wall lights that are used to highlight a particular feature in your interiors. If you are looking to do this then you should pick a wall light whose illumination is thrice as strong as the ambient light in your room.


Secondly, when choosing designer wall lights you should start by identifying how much illumination is required in your room. Before you choose a particular designer wall light and before addressing factors like positioning and number of lights, you should identify how much light is being provided by other sources and by natural light. Next, calculate the amount of light required from your wall scones. When choosing these items be sure to look for different options that each creates a particular mood. Choosing dimmable switches is also a good idea as you can control the amount of illumination in a room with them.

Eye-catching wall lights

It is always a good idea to pick a designer wall light that catches the eye. Generally speaking, you should aim to position your wall lights at a height of approximately 5 feet above ground level. However, the height you choose depends to a large extent on the room’s proportions. Just make sure that you choose a wall light that looks attractive at eye level.

Match the décor and style

It is also important that you choose designer wall lights that match with the décor and style of your interiors. Lamps are important weapons in the hands of a designer. Lamps help to not only create the right atmosphere but at the same time they also provide the right amount of illumination. The right wall lights should give a finishing touch to the décor of your room. If however you plan on installing your wall lights in your kitchen then you may want to pick an item that is made out of iron.

Finally, before you choose your designer wall lights makes sure that you pair them so that they are able to create a strong effect in your room. You can buy a pair and then place them close together to form a unique feature. Or, you can place them at a distance from each other and in this way create some useful task lighting. If you plan on using a wall light in a corridor then think about buying multiple lights. And, if you want to highlight a room feature then think about positioning your wall lights in unusual places. This helps to highlight the most important features in your room.