7 Simple Steps to Avoid Hiring Commercial Pest Control

The issue of how to kill cockroaches safely has always been a serious one. There are many different methods to kill cockroaches. However, you may be shocked to find out that there are very few in-home methods that really work.

The risks of health poisoning with any pesticide are very real and can lead to future health cases that can become much worse. So, if you use pesticides or insecticides on your property, consider this information:

Pest Control from All-Natural Sources – When cockroaches are a problem, you can address them with a combination of natural and organic methods. Natural pest control can involve the use of peppermint oil, clove oil, and boric acid traps. You can also use these methods yourself without professional help, if you have access to them.

Alternative Methods – Natural pest control is just one of the many alternatives for solving your cockroach problems. Another alternative is employing the services of a pest management company who specializes in naturally eliminating roaches. These companies have access to all of the chemicals you would need and will provide you with advice on how to handle your cockroach problem with care.

Gas Trap – As mentioned, using pesticides can be very harmful, but even though they are less harmful than cockroaches, not every roach can be killed with pesticides. When you use pesticides, the spores are dispersed into the air and the roaches will then die on their own as they breathe. However, an inert gas, such as methyl bromide or the gas chromite, can be used to attract roaches to the trap and destroy them as they enter.

Baits – The baits available are similar to the ones you use on your plants to lure roaches. The roaches will walk right into the trap and be completely dead within seconds. However, these baits do nothing against most of the more aggressive roaches. Bunnings offer a wide range of DIY pest control  solutions.

Poison – While poisons are dangerous, they do not have the same effect as a gas trap. Also, the larger roaches will continue to live on a host and may have other potential life sources for more serious damage, and may not simply walk into the trap.

An in-home method is to use bottled food products such as granola, rice, breads, etc. and place them near where you have found roaches, but only after removing them.

Spray down – If you find roaches in your kitchen, you can spray down the countertops, cabinets, etc. to make it look like there is nothing there, and simply wait for the roaches to die.

If you choose to try these home remedies, keep in mind that these methods are not guaranteed to be successful. While some methods may take longer than others, most will be successful if they are done correctly.

Brisbane Pest ControlSo the next time you have a Roach problem, if you live in the Gold Coast, you should consider using a Brisbane pest control service which has experience dealing with roaches and helping people avoid the health risks involved. A professional pest control service can also help you locate your roaches if you don’t have enough information on their location.